Lyne Art

Lyne Art includes Alison Davis Lyne, illustrator and Frank Lyne, sculptor.

Our base page is Lyneart. It divides into two branches, Frank Lyne wood carvings and Alison Davis Lyne Illustrations.

Frank Lyne is a farmer and wood carver. His sculpture includes figurative studies, portrait busts of historical figures, birds, animals and abstract forms. The photo montage, shown below, links to his wood carving opening page. Thumbnails there link to larger images. His portion of this web site also includes a periodic update called Frank Thoughts . Email -

Alison Davis Lyne is a freelance illustrator. She has had commissions to paint magazine covers, spot illustrations, people portraits, house portraits and children's books. She also paints landscapes, buildings, and historical figurative studies. The montage below is a link to her illustrations. Alison's blog is at LYNEARTBLOG. You can reach Alison at

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